Modular Furniture Processing Centers

These are fully automated wood processing machines which can open, with computer control, holes for all connectors contained in modular furniture systems and make milling operations rapidly and without errors. For instance, they are capable of making all connection hole opening and milling operations in bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and office furniture.

About Us

Omaksan Machinery was founded by a tanedted and dynamic staff who want to have a say in the developing machine industry in the internatinonal platform by gathering their sectoral experiences under one roof. Its main activity is the production of woodworking machines. In order to meet the changing needs of the sector, our the sector, our company has continuously increased its R & D investments and strengthened its institutional infrastructu...


We will continue to offer our products, which always increase our speed, with our continuously developing technology and production approach aiming to meet the demands immediately.




We know that the basis for success is to make the most of your business. Another fact that we know is that this success should be ...

Holemaster Series

It is a fully automatic woodworking machine which can open all of the connection elements in modular furniture systems with computer control and make milling operations in a serial and error-free way.