About Us

Omaksan Machinery was founded by a tanedted and dynamic staff who want to have a say in the developing machine industry in the internatinonal platform by gathering their sectoral experiences under one roof. Its main activity is the production of woodworking machines. In order to meet the changing needs of the sector, our the sector, our company has continuously increased its R & D investments and strengthened its institutional infrastructure.

Our vision

He scream machine is our final and permanent goal to be one of the only organizations that contributed significantly to enhancing the future leader of Turkey's machinery industry is one of the companies we produce for our value-added hedefler.ülke socio-cultural wealth of our people.

Our mission

With our corporate structure that respects the environment and based on total quality, we offer smart and user friendly machine solutions demanded by the sector. As a requirement of this mission, it is necessary to continuously search sector, to determine local and global needs, to enlarge our staff of well-educated talents and to increase our knowledge to carry us to the future.

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